To ensure a successful workshop or conference, having a facilitator who engages effectively with the audience, offering practical and achievable information and strategies, is crucial. It is essential that the content is grounded in scientific knowledge and presented in a way that is personally comprehensible for the success of the event.

Katrina Langhorn Author

Katrina Langhorn is an experienced conference and keynote speaker, lauded for her inviting and conversational approach. Her extensive professional background is firmly grounded in both academic knowledge with practical skills. Recognising that an exceptional presentation hinges on engaging delivery through stories and practical examples, Katrina ensures her audience takes home a meaningful message that fosters learning and personal growth.

With a career spanning over 20 years in the fields of psychology and education, Katrina specialises in proven mental health strategies. Whether conducting group workshops or addressing large auditoriums, each presentation is meticulously tailored to the specific interests of the audience, guaranteeing it to be both captivating and a catalyst for change.

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