Katrina Langhorn

The Challenge Journal

12 Proven Steps to Improve Mental Health

By Katrina Langhorn

Have you been feeling like the world is closing in around you?

Are you on a waitlist for professional help?

Would you like to help your mental wellbeing with a series of straightforward yet mindful strategies?

The Challenge Journal: 12 Proven Steps to Improve Mental Health could be your answer.

This insightful book demonstrates Katrina’s fantastic work of helping thousands of patients in the mental health industry. Katrina has over 20 years’ experience working with various schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, and organisations and has had many opportunities to mentor university students and supervise provisional psychology interns.

Throughout her book, Katrina shares the tools and strategies that she has used in easy-to-follow chapters. It’s an excellent resource for anyone wanting to improve their own mental health, for parents to help guide their children and for teachers to help support their students.

In addition, this book has also been used by psychologists and provisional psychologists with their clients during sessions and for homework practice.

Are you ready to take the next step to improve your mental health?

About the Book

This book serves as a tool – especially during extended waiting periods before the initial and between professional appointments. Remember to take this book with you, as it can facilitate your healthcare professional’s understanding of your challenges and contribute to the therapeutic process.

No patient details have been used at all in this book. No animals have been harmed in the production of this book, unfortunately the same cannot be said for the trees!

Katrina Langhorn

About the Author

Katrina Langhorn is a registered psychologist, qualified teacher, and business coach.

For over 20 years, Katrina has worked in private practice helping thousands of patients. During that time, Katrina has also worked across many different settings including schools, hospitals, and correctional facilities.

Katrina has worked with several organisations including Youth off the Streets and Disability Services Australia. Katrina has also volunteered for LIFELINE’s 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention hotline. Katrina mentors and supervises provisional psychology interns and university students.

Today, Katrina travels across Australia, facilitating workshops and presenting strategies from The Challenge Journal. Katrina was invited to speak to the United Services Union, has been a regular facilitator for over a decade with Positive Partnerships and over the last few years for the Business Bricks Empowerment series.

“Honestly, do yourself a favour and think about this book. Whether you are going through struggles, feel that you are stuck or even if you enjoy a fascinating read, I absolutely know that certain pages will resonate with everyone, even if to reassure that you are on the right path!”
Annie’s Grazing Boxes, Business Entrepreneur

Hear from more readers!

“The Challenge Journal is a comprehensive guide to self-determination, an adjunct to a clinician’s practice enabling true growth for your clients. It demystifies counseling terms for the uninitiated. An excellent resource for clients and any allied health professional.”

“Over the years I have read many self-help books, however, Katrina's 'The Challenge Journal' goes beyond that by being a book on Self Awareness with many practical exercises.

It highlights many of life's challenges and gives you a positive way to act or react to various situations, giving a number of coping exercises as well as highlighting how to read the needs of others.

An easy read, with clearly defined chapters so you can pick it up at any chapter which you need at any particular time. I thoroughly recommend this work.”


“Thoroughly researched and incredibly practical, this book is a must if you want to boost your engagement in enjoyable activities, enhance your social interactions, and alleviate psychological tension.”

“Katrina Langhorn’s, The Challenge Journal, is a ‘survival manual’ to help you live and appreciate the value of a better life. We all look to be filled up by something. Some want a lifestyle, others it is fame and glory, while another portion crave ‘a knowing’.

I am one of the latter. Learning does it for me. Learning about what makes myself and others tick. Learning how to do better and be a wiser me. I have known depression intimately. To survive, I needed to learn how and counselling and education opened the way. The Challenge Journal will be on my bedside table until I master more. Thank you Katrina for sharing your insight and real-life tools to not just survive but thrive.”


“The Challenge Journal is packed with practical wisdom and actionable advice. It’s a roadmap to self-discovery and positive transformation. Highly recommend for anyone seeking genuine, lasting change in their life.”

“What an amazing tool for navigating all sorts of relationships: personal and business. These steps are simple to follow and will help change the way we face challenging situations. “

“Excited to read and learn more on ways to enhance my thinking. It’s definitely a challenge to try and improve certain habits that have created over the years. Such a great read!”

“It’s written from the heart and has very practical tips that you can use immediately. It’s not just a ‘tell’ book, it’s a resource that will definitely get used in my business and home.”

“I find the book easy to read and set out in a format that anyone struggling can understand. I look forward to sharing this with the homeless people we work with.”

“Running a business can be highly stressful, with challenges such as financial pressure, competition, workforce management, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Maintaining good mental health helps business owners cope with stress, prevent burnout, build, and maintain healthy relationships both in the workplace and outside of the workplace, and foster resilience. The Challenge Journal provides business owners (and others) with the tools to improve their communication, solve problems and make sound decisions, increase their productivity, manage stress, and achieve goals while allowing the mental space for creativity and innovation. A healthy mind helps to create a healthy business.”

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Audio 1 - Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Now, revel in the profound sense of relaxation that envelops your entire body. Take moments to rest, listen to the rhythm of your breath, and savour the warmth of physical tranquility. If time allows, feel free to drift into a peaceful sleep, knowing you should awaken rejuvenated and fully relaxed.

As I say to my sons, "You are old enough and responsible now to make your own decisions, however you will also be accountable for their consequences."


Audio 2 - Example of Guided Imagery

This guided relaxation exercise involves closing your eyes, taking slow, deep breaths, and imagining a tranquil garden. Picture yourself strolling along a serene path, entering a peaceful sanctuary filled with your favourite elements. Engage your senses in exploring textures, sounds, and fragrances, fostering deep relaxation. When ready, return to the present with a sense of contentment, knowing you can revisit this peaceful sanctuary whenever needed. Open your eyes, stretch, and resume your day with a refreshed and alert state of being. 


Audio 3 - Deep Belly Breathing

Repeat these steps several times for the best results. You may feel lightheaded, this is normal do not worry - just try to relax until you are ready to stand up.

Psych Tip: I practice my deep breathing often throughout the day even when I don't need it, I have enough muscle memory that my parasympathetic nervous system knows what I am doing and cooperates.