Session times may vary depending upon the service. Psychological sessions are usually 50mins to an hour. Other service times can be discussed with your psychologist.

We do have after hours appointments available (usually our last appointments are 6.30pm). However these are in greater demand and there may be a longer waiting period before we are able to see you. There is much flexibility during office hours, please contact us to discuss further.

Our service has a cancellation policy. We are very aware that sometimes unforseen circumstances mean that an appointment needs to be cancelled on short notice. However, we do require 24 hours notice otherwise half the scheduled fee may apply.

Yes, all sessions are treated with strict confidentiality within this service. No information will be shared with any other health practitioner, services, family, friends without prior consent, unless you are in danger of harming yourself or others.

We take cash, cheque, eftpos card or credit card.

You will need to have a mental health care plan provided by your GP, to obtain a medicare rebate through our HiCaps Electronic Funding Machine which transfers directly to your bank account.

Both psychiatrists and psychologists have university qualifications. They work in the area of mental health, and often work together.

Psychiatrists have a medical degree, which involves six years of studying general medicine, followed by further study of the mind to specialise in psychiatry. They specialise in the medical treatment of mental health problems and can prescribe medication such as antidepressants, anxiolytics or antipsychotics as part of their treatment.

Psychologists are trained to treat a wide range of emotional, behavioural or cognitive problems. They provide treatments which are based on changing behaviour and emotional responses. Psychologists assist individuals to develop the skills needed to function better and to prevent ongoing problems. Psychologists are not medical doctors and therefore are unable to prescribe medication.